10 Research-backed Reasons to Experience Acupuncture

Prevention Magazine published a great visual overview of "10 research backed ways that acupuncture improves your health from head to toe".


These included:

1. Head: 20 sessions within 4 weeks reduced the number of migraines

2. Mood: Weekly sessions treated depression within 3 months

3. Nose: 12 sessions reduced allergy symptoms

4. Throat: 10 sessions reduced acid reflux and heartburn

5. Heart: Regular sessions decreased stress and blood pressure

6. Immune system: Boosted the activity of immune cells that fight off disease

7. Sleep: helped insomnia sufferers sleep better

8. Back pain: 5 weeks of twice-weekly treatments reduced back pain for up to 6 months

9. Menopause: Eased the severity and frequency of hot flashes

10. Weight: Helped with weight loss and sustainable weight management

In my own personal practice, I have seen positive results in each of these areas as well. And the most common reasons that patients come to the Center for Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine are as follows:

At our Center, Dr. Bebe Linbelieves in an integrated approach to improving health by addressing the underlying cause of the issue (vs. symptoms) using acupuncture, herbal medicine, and yoga therapy.



Dr. Chianni Lin, DAOM As a Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (DAOM) in Santa Monica, California, Chianni Lin is highly respected as one of the leading Eastern Integrative Medicine providers serving Santa Monica. Her integrated practice incorporates acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutrition, lifestyle coaching and yoga therapy.

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